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Freebase Suggested Metatagging

As I am writing and coding on my thesis ( I was looking for some help in IRC #freebase. Aomarks gave me the tip to try freebase-suggest. I did as told and suddenly there was a little flash.
What about using this suggestions to provide tags with the missing semantics? What about using nearly only freebase types or topics in delicious, flickr or any other tagging-organized services?
You want to know what the advantage is? I tell you. IMHO what makes tags realy valuable is any meaning behind it. So you can look up your data with very speciifc queries.
Example: You only use tags like ‚hockey‘ or ‚ball‘ but want to find all tags wich are connected to sports. no problem, as freebase connects hockey and ball to sports you can find the depending items.
Any questions? Feel free to do it, but please tell me how so a can do it like you!
There is a discussion on the developer mailinglist going on. Some ideas has already been thought about earlier.
Will Moffat implemented an example of using freebase suggest with tagging.